Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis im Spiegel der Weekend Reads von Retraction Watch bietet diese Woche über 30 Vielzahl von Pressemeldungen. Eine Auswahl:

A key chemistry journal disappeared from the web. Others are at risk
Mit weiterem Verschwinden ist zu rechnen.

Scientific publishers *not* adding value
“Lastly, in a 2018 paper I wanted to cite a genetics paper with many, many author. The copy editor responded: “Don’t abbreviate authors with et al.—journal style requires to spell out all names.”
So I not only spelled out the 217 names—I also made sure to add a reference to the Higgs Boson paper (the journal decided not to follow through with the journal style in either case).”

Generative AI can be a valuable aid in writing, editing and peer review – if you use it responsibly, says Dritjon Gruda

Norwegische Gesundheitsministerin Kjerkol wegen Plagiaten in ihrer Masterarbeit unter Druck

Authorship conflicts in academia: an international cross-discipline survey
“Our findings are concerning and suggest that conflicts over authorship credit arise very early in one’s academic career, even at the level of Master and Ph.D., and become increasingly common over time.”

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