Universität Wageningen steuert 100 % Open Access an

“In 2020 84% of the scientific articles, of which a WUR researcher is the corresponding author, was published Open Access.”


Eine Rate, von der deutsche Institutionen nur träumen können.

Glossa: Five Years of Open Access Publishing


“The data appears to confirm that Glossa started strongly, has cemented its position within the community, and is now looking to continue the positive trends already being seen. The success of the journal over these last five years is confirmation that the open access model is good not only for end users but also for the whole ecosystem of journal publishing.”

Glossa charges APCs: https://doaj.org/toc/2397-1835

DFG-Projekt „Digitalisierung und Erschließung der Stammbuchsammlung des Niedersächsischen Landesarchivs – Abteilung Wolfenbüttel“