Deprimierend: HMML hat Links geändert

Bei der Vorbereitung eines Beitrags über die Handschriften der Hofbibliothek Sigmaringen stellte ich gestern fest, dass die bisherigen Links der HMML-Datenbank nicht mehr funktionieren. Herr Heintzelman teilte mir dazu mit:

“In the near future we hope to have all our metadata available through the Reading Room at This new system has permalinks. Some Austrian and German libraries are already there.

I consulted with one of my colleagues and he suggested the following:

If you need to change the links, basically the old URLs can be turned into new URLs this way:

If you notice that the “5265” at the end is the same between the two. It’s just the front matter that would need to change.

This could be done as a global substitution.

Note, however, that this is for the new location of “Oliver” (or the “legacy catalog” as it is now called).

You can also go to

and there is a search window for the legacy catalog. You should be able to find the Sigmaringen records there. I suggest using the options to funnel the search criteria: Select Germany for Country, so you don’t have to scroll through all the names in the City search box.

I will contact the staff and let them know how these things are changing.”

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