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Weil sich das Niederösterreichische Landesmuseum die Domain nicht mehr leisten möchte, leitet die BEACON-Datei des Personenlexikons Niederösterreich jetzt auf eine Werbespamseite weiter.

Mit einem Permalink wäre das (hoffentlich) nicht passiert! Niederösterreich sollte sich schämen!

News from Old Books

„An intriguing, previously unknown 13th-century version of a tale featuring Merlin and King Arthur has been discovered in the archives of Bristol central library.

The seven handwritten fragments of parchment were unearthed bound inside an unrelated volume of the work of a 15th- century French scholar.

Written in Old French, they tell the story of the Battle of Trèbes, in which Merlin inspires Arthur’s forces with a stirring speech and leads a charge using Sir Kay’s special dragon standard, which breathes real fire.

The fragments are believed to be a version of the Estoire de Merlin – the story of Merlin – from the Old French sequence of texts known as the Vulgate Cycle or the Lancelot-Grail Cycle.“


The Bodleian Library in Oxford announced its acquisition of a rare, fifteenth-century French Gothic coffer, or book chest, once used for the transportation of books.


Historic ‘Dublin Apocalypse’ manuscript (saec. XIV) goes online


The Oldest Surviving Printed Advertisement in English (London, 1477)