Ferdinand Franz Wallraf (1748-1824) – Eine Spurensuche in Köln

Das Kölner Projekt wird gewohnt großspurig angekündigt:


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Fortschritte sind nicht erkennbar. Der bilder- und linklose Beitrag zu den Brüdern Boisserée zeigt das gut.

Deggendorfer Geschichtsblätter teilweise online

Update zu: https://archivalia.hypotheses.org/6468

Online verfügbar sind die Hefte 1 (1981) bis 9 (1988), 12 (1991), 15 (1994), 18 (1997) bis 21 (2000), 27 (2005) bis 34 (2012). Teilweise muss man die PDFs selbst drehen! Ich selbst bin seit Jahren mit dem kostenlosen Tool


sehr zufrieden.


What is Open Peer Review?

“Open peer review is an umbrella term for a number of overlapping ways that peer review models can be adapted in line with the ethos of Open Science, including making reviewer and author identities open, publishing review reports and enabling greater participation in the peer review process. The full list of traits is:

Open identities: Authors and reviewers are aware of each other’s identity

Open reports: Review reports are published alongside the relevant article.

Open participation: The wider community to able to contribute to the review process.

Open interaction: Direct reciprocal discussion between author(s) and reviewers, and/or between reviewers, is allowed and encouraged.

Open pre-review manuscripts: Manuscripts are made immediately available (e.g., via pre-print servers like arXiv) in advance of any formal peer review procedures.

Open final-version commenting: Review or commenting on final “version of record” publications.

Open platforms: Review is de-coupled from publishing in that it is facilitated by a different organizational entity than the venue of publication.”

Tony Ross-Hellauer: What is open peer review? A systematic review [version 1; referees: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]. F1000Research 2017, 6:588 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.11369.1)

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