What is “Open Science”? Carlos Moedas gets it, do you?


Peter Murray Rust on Sci Hub:

Alexandra (who I haven’t met, or corresponded with, but would like to) is shunned by academia and publishers. She is “breaking the law” and therefore must by treated as a criminal. Possibly extradited and then tried as a cyber-terrorist as they wanted to do with Aaron Swartz.
But Alexandra is in a long tradition of civil disobedience. Our current Copyright law is bad. It’s bad for science. It’s bad for citizens. It’s bad for the health of the planet and of the human race. Not enough people stand up and denounce it. The arguments for reform are made, but they are smashed by the massive money being thrown at Brussels by the entrenched industry. Reform, if it comes at all, will be miniscule – “TDM by public interest research organizations doing non-commercial research” was one Commission proposal. Is that even me – one of the most prominent public practitioners?

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Geschichte des Zabergäus und des jetzigen Oberamts Brackenheim von Karl Klunzinger 1841 – 1844 (4 Bände) online

Band 1
Band 2
Band 3
Band 4

In Bd. 1, S. 8-18 referiert Klunzinger die fabelhaften Chroniknachrichten zur Frühgeschichte des Zabergäus, wobei man mit seiner kursorischen Quellenangabe S. 8 wenig anfängt. Vermutlich gehen alle irgendwie auf Jakob Beyrlin zurück, zu dessen Werk bereits einige Digitalisate vorliegen. Die am Schluss aufgeführte Beschreibung Württembergs von Johann Martin Rebstock 1699 ist leider noch nirgends online. Das Sattler-Zitat (Chronik des Pfarrers Hiller) finde ich in der Ausgabe von 1757.

S. 15 erwähnt Klunzinger (nach Reyscher) die Wolfenbütteler Handschrift mit Beyrlins Kraichgau-Chronik.

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