Databases of incunabula of Latin classics in Spain and Portugal

Antonio Moreno Hernández: “I am pleased to inform you that the new databases of incunabula of classical Latin authors held in Spain and Portugal prepared at the National Distance Education University (UNED, Madrid) are now available for free access.

CICLE (Corpus of Classic Latin Incunabula in Spain) is a relational database which is focused on the heritage of incunable editions of Latin classics produced in printing presses located in Spain from the 1470s till 1500, including printings in Latin and in translation. The database identifies the collection of editions and the surviving copies in Spain as well as elsewhere.

Access to CICLE:

The CICLPor database (Corpus of Classic Latin Incunabula preserved in Portuguese libraries) comprises the Portuguese heritage of copies of incunabula of Latin authors from the Archaic period until Late Antiquity, ending at the time of Isidore of Seville (ca. 560-636). Incunabula included in CICLPor were printed outside of Portugal since in this period no Latin classic texts were produced by printing presses located in the country. Editions in Latin as well as translations are included.

Access to CICLpor:

As you can see, CICLE and CICLPor are linked to GW, ISTC, USTC and TW.

CICLE and CICLPor are dynamic tools, constantly being improved. We’d love to hear what you think and any suggestions you may have.

You can also visit the website on Latin classics in the early stages of printing: ” (INCUNABULA-L)

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