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Martin Paul Eve erläutert sein Open-Access-Konzept, das auf Bibliothekspartnerschaften statt auf Artikelgebühren setzt: “I would be reticent to single out any specific journal as a comparator but, as an anonymous example, one top humanities journal published 46 articles, excluding book reviews in 2012. For that year, the subscription cost was approximately $1211 ($26.32 per article for each institution). Another published 26 articles in 2012, excluding book reviews, at a total cost to a single institution of $415 ($15.96 per article for each institution). Remember that this is being paid many times over by different institutions per article/journal.

If we publish 250 articles, at a cost to each institution of $875, the “cost-per-article-per-institution” falls to $3.50. And it’s all open access. And there are 12 OA books thrown in. ”

Inakzeptabel für mich: Es wird nicht nur CC-BY als Lizenz geben (siehe Kommentar).

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