Überwiegend Einzelblätter und Teile aus Handschriften enthält der Auktionskatalog von Sotheby’s, unter eanderem eine lange vermisste Bergwerksdarstellung aus Kuttenberg:


Update: Das Stück wurde vom Mittelböhmischen Kreis erworben


Analysis of Book Smells

A new testing method can rapidly determine the condition of old books and documents by analyzing the bouquet of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by paper off-gassing. The technology promises to help conservators assess the condition of old works quickly, while not harming the documents.


Please note that the correct name of the UCL researcher is Matija Strlič


Here is the link to an OA-paper of 2007:


In September 2009 an toll access article was published on the “smell of old books”:

Anal. Chem., 2009, 81 (20), pp 8617–8622
DOI: 10.1021/ac9016049
Publication Date (Web): September 17, 2009

Matija Strlič was so kind to answer my question whether the analysis could be used for datation or provenance research:

“Theoretically, both provenancing and dating should be possible, however, I doubt that a very accurate method could be developed on the basis of VOCs, unless the object was made using a material (glue, covers, ink, etc) with an identifiable and very specific VOC fingerprint.”

Digitalisate Düsseldorfer Handschriften


Aurora cum glossis – MS-A-16 s.l, 2. Hlfte des 13. Jh
Biblia sacra – MS-A-8 s.l, 2. Hlfte des 14. Jh
Carmina – MS-F-1 s.l, Ende 10. Jh
Graduale – MS-D-12 Soest, 15. Jh
Testamentum vetus – MS-A-17 Mþnster, Fraterhaus zum Springhorn, um 1450

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