Interactive maps of early medieval Europe

Regnum Francorum online is a website about interactive mapping of early medieval Europe. The maps that the visitor will find are based on public domain GIS-data and medieval primary sources. Quotes from primary sources are available for items such as regions, cities, institutions, persons and medieval names. For example, you will be able to study the development of donated property year by year for the monasterium of Saint-Denis outside Paris, or Lorsch, situated in the middle Rhein valley. There are also maps of the source material and litterature itself. Simply click on a city to discover what sources are available for free on the internet. This is a way to make it easier to access and overview the rapidly growing collections of medieval primary sources on the internet, for example at digital Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Google Book Search and Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France, and connect them to each other through a graphical interface.

Regnum Francorum online is a non commercial, private project open for participation of visitors and registered users. The project is in a build-up phase. There are currently over 600 links to online sources and litterature listed in the database.


Archivstereeotypen: FAZ über Remota in der Bayr. Staatsbibliothek

s. :
” ….. Einzig Neonröhren beleuchten den grauen Linoleumboden, die nackten Wände, die metallenen Regale, die in langen Reihen Bücher bergen. Man wähnt sich in einem x-beliebigen unterirdischen Archiv: Es ist kühl, Staub kratzt im Hals, der leicht modrige Geruch alten Papiers hängt in der Luft. ….”

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