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Rechnungsbuch 1692 Dermbach/Röhn Amt Fischbach Thüringen

„Belege und Quittungen über die von Michaelis 1692 bis 1693 geführte
undt geschlossene Ambts Fischbergische Jahres Rechnung.”

(Information der Kommune usw. erfolgt durch den Hinweisgeber.)

Moving Images: Digitization for Access

Lot 49

This last Friday (the 13th!), at U.C. Berkeley, the Digital Library Federation was honored to host a landmark meeting of a group that we have labeled “Lot 49” on the topic of moving image digitization. Our group’s aim is to facilitate broader access to the incredible trove of film and video held in our archives, libraries, museums, broadcast stations, and other sources. […]

The motivation for our gathering was the belief that our institutions have a narrow but critical opportunity to draw ourselves together to draft a set of shared understandings that inform our dealings with future partners as a community, rather than a collection of individual actors. We seek to maximize the public good – not vaguely-perceived near-term institutional goals, but rather the larger goals of our organizations: to educate, to teach, to inspire, to inform, and to delight.

Together, we accept as a key principle that access is key to the survival of archives, and digitization the best enabler of access.

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