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So what does this mean for archives? In their FAQ, Google states “If you have a historical archive that you think would be a good fit in News archive search, we would love to hear from you.”. Take a moment and think about that – archives with digitized news content could raise their hand and ask to be included. Google has suddenly put the tools for increasing access in the hands of everyone. The university that has digitized it’s newspapers can suddenly be put on the same level with the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Stichprobenverfahren bei der Bewertung

Das Standardwerk ist:
Matthias Buchholz, Überlieferungsbildung bei massenhaft gleichförmigen Einzelfallakten … 2001

Rezensionen online:

Eine 124-seitige Zusammenfassung von Buchholz von 2002 ist online:

Transferarbeit von Jehn zur Staatsanwaltschaft Bochum

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