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Title: Archives and Archival Traditions : Concepts of Record-keeping in the Ancient World
Series: Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents
Author: Brosius, Maria
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Description: Our oldest archival records originate from the Near East. Systems of archival record-keeping developed over several millennia in Mesopotamia before spreading to Egypt, the Mycenean world, and the Persian empire, and continuing through the Hellenistic and Seleucid periods. Yet we know little about the way archival practices were established, transmitted, modified, and adapted by other civilizations. This interdisciplinary volume offers a systematic approach to archival documents and to the societies which created them, addressing questions of formal aspects of creating, writing, and storing ancient documents, and showing how archival systems were copied and adapted across a wide geographical area and an extensive period of time.

This book is intended for ancient historians, assyriologists, and schoalrs interested in the tradition of archival practices
Contents: Maria Brosius, Ancient Archives and Concepts of Record Keeping – An Introduction
Alfonso Archi, Archival Record-keeping at Ebla 2400-2350 BC
Piotr Steinkeller, Archival Practices in Third-millennium Babylonia
Karel van Lerberghe, Private and Public, The Ur-Utu Archive at Sippar-Amnanum (Tell Ed-Der);
Klaas R. Veenhof, Archives of Old Assyrian Traders
Nicholas Postgate, Documents in Government Under the Middle Assyrian Kingdom
Alexander Uchitel, Local Differences in Arrangements of Ration Lists on Minoan Crete
Thomas Palaima, “Archives” and “Scribes” and Information Hierarchy in Mycenean Greek Linear B Records
Frederico Mario Fales, Reflections on Neo-Assyrian Archives
Alan Millard, Aramaic Documents of the Assyrian and Achaemenid Periods
Heather Baker: Record-keeping Practices as Revealed by teh neo-Babylonian Private Archival Documents
Maria Brosius, Reconstructing an Archive –
Account and Journal Texts from Persepolis
Joachim Oelsner, Cuneiform Archives in Hellenistic Babylonia – Aspects of Contents and Form
Antonio Invernizzi, They Did Not Write on Clay – Non-Cuneiform Documents and Archives in Seleucid Mesopotamia
John K. Davies, Greek Archives – From Record to Monument
Willy Clarysse, Tomoi Synkollesimoi.
ISBN: 0199252459

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FAQ: OCR for handwritten documents


There is as yet no commercial or open source software for automatic transcription of, or the creation of searchable indexes from, handwritten historical documents. However, it is an active area of research and progress is being made. Continued advancement depends on the availability of funding. Librarians, archivists, and scholars may be able to push the agenda more effectively by partnering with computer scientists who share an interest in solving this challenging problem and improving access to significant historical archives.

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