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Hartmut Weber
Digitale Repertorien, virtueller Lesesaal und Praktikum im WWW – neue
Dienstleistungsangebote der Archive an die Forschung
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Mechthild Black
Recherche via Internet: Neue Wege zum Archivgut
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Daniel Pitti
Encoded Archival Description: Die Entwicklung eines Kodierungsstandards für Archivarische Suchhilfen
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Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs

Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists
by Fred R. Byers

(10/03, 48 pp.) $15
ISBN 1-932326-04-9

This report describes in nontechnical language the various types of CDs and DVDs now in use, how they are made, and how they work. It then distills current industry knowledge about disc longevity, conditions that affect life expectancy, and how to care for optical media. The guide is amply illustrated and includes a glossary and bibliography.

The guide’s author, Fred R. Byers, is a technical staff member in the Convergent Information Systems Division of the Information Technology Laboratory at NIST.

The guide was written for use by librarians and archivists; however, it will be equally useful to any business or individual wishing to safeguard CD or DVD collections.

The complete text can be downloaded for free as PDF at

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America and the Netherlands

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the release of the online collection The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands, available at the Library’s Global Gateway Web site:

Developed by the Library of Congress in cooperation with the National Library of the Netherlands, this is the first stage of an ongoing project, The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands, being produced under a cooperative agreement signed by the two institutions earlier this year. The companion site of the National Library of the Netherlands, The Memory of the Netherlands, is located at:

The Atlantic World is available in both English and Dutch, and is intended for use in schools and libraries and by the general public in both countries and around the world. It includes more than 70 items totaling some 11,737 images from the collections of the Library of Congress, the National Library of the Netherlands, and six other Dutch institutions that are cooperating with the National Library on the project: the Netherlands National Archives, the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam, the Plantage Library of the University of Amsterdam, and the National Maritime Museum. Among the items digitized for the project are a letter describing the purchase of Manhattan from the Native Americans in 1626, an etching of the Mohawk Sychnecta, early land grants and patents from Dutch settlers, seventeenth- century maps, and an early description of the Dutch colony on the eve of its transfer to the British.

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