The Fictional World of Archives

The Fictional World of Archives, Art Galleries and Museums is a great website made by the Canadian archivist David Mattison.
Archives, archivists, records managers, secret documents and lost manuscripts have been used as characters, settings and plot devices in many stories, novels, movies and TV shows, as well as jokes and cartoons. The tradition of fictionalizing archives extends back to Graeco-Roman times according to classicist Mary Lefkowitz. Today, archives, archivists and records are so important to fiction that this Web page was written to document as fully as possible their many representations found in popular culture. Inspiration for this Web page came from a 1995 discussion on the ARCHIVES electronic mailing list about fictional archives. Sources include submissions by archivists and others, as well as Arlene Schmuland’s bibliography from her American Archivist article.

Ermittlungen wegen Kanzleramtsakten eingestellt

Die Bonner Staatsanwaltschaft hat ihre Ermittlungen wegen der gelöschten Daten und verschwundenen Akten am Ende der Ära Helmut Kohl eingestellt (Google News).
Grund genug, einmal mehr unser Linkdossier in Erinnerung zu rufen.
Zum Bericht von Burkhard Hirsch geht es hier.
Die Einstellung des Verfahrens ist aus archivischer Sicht zu bedauern. Es bleiben offene Fragen: wie kommt die Staatsanwaltschaft dazu, von dezentralen “befugten” Löschungen auszugehen? Die Löschungen waren ja nicht mit dem Bundesarchiv abgestimmt.
Das Verschwinden etlicher Aktenordner ist mit Grundsätzen ordentlicher Aktenführung nicht vereinbar (siehe auch unsere Dokumentation von Urteilen zum Thema “Vollständigkeit der Aktenführung”).
Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat die Reichweite des § 133 StGB (Verwahrungsbruch) grundsätzlich verkannt. Ein so eklatanter Verstoss gegen das Bundesarchivgesetz ist immer ein vorsätzlicher Verwahrungsbruch.
Die Einstellungsverfügung: Ein zweifelhafter Freibrief für illegale Kassationen!

UK Government uses service of Internet Archive

The UK Central Government Web Archive is a selective collection of UK Government websites, archived from August 2003, which has been developed by the National Archives of the United Kingdom, using the services of the Internet Archive. […]
A recent study suggested that there are currently approximately 2,500 separate UK Government websites. This project is being undertaken as part of the ongoing development of a web archiving strategy by the National Archives. 51 websites have been carefully chosen as a representative sample of the entire UK Government web domain, and have been selected in accordance with criteria designed to reflect the overall functions of government. A number of departments and agencies were then chosen which are representative of each of these functions. This provides a broad cross-section across UK Central Government.

The websites are harvested at varying intervals, to provide the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances. Initially, 10 websites are harvested every week, and the remaining 41 are harvested every six months.

The Internet Archive will also be supplying copies of the websites collected to the National Archives, for long-term preservation by our Digital Preservation Department.
Source: website Public Record Office

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