Baghdad Losses

Although the question of the ransacking of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad has now
been quite well covered,
writes Alastair Northedge in H-ISLAMART on Friday, there has been relatively little interest in the burning of the National Library and Archives. I was at the UNESCO meeting in
Paris on Thursday, and it was evident that the only real information available
is Robert Fisk’s article of the 15th. It seems to me that the media need to be informed about what was in the Library and archives, so that they can focus on what the potential loss is, and how important they were.
As far as I understand it, the burnt buildings in Baghdad are:
1. The National Library, largely printed works and newspapers.
2. The National Archives, including Ottoman and 20th century documents.
3. The Ministry of Awqaf.
Can anyone say what the main points of the collections are, so that I can pass
on information to my contacts in the press?

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