Manuscripts of the Muslim World

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China has become the world’s largest producer of scientific articles

„In recent years, China has become the world’s largest producer of scientific articles. However, bibliographic data of Chinese scientific articles are still very limited on Wikidata, because most commonly used bibliographic databases on Wikidata, such as Crossref, do not include articles published in most Chinese academic journals. There have been some efforts to import Chinese articles from China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), the most comprehensive database for Chinese articles. But for most articles on CNKI, there is no DOI information (the exception is when the resolved pages are hosted by CNKI itself). DOI is a key component for developing a database of open citations and linked bibliographic data, so it would be very beneficial to collect such information and add them to Wikidata. There is no available database containing comprehensive DOIs for Chinese articles, and many DOIs can only be found on journals’ official websites. A WikiCite e-scholarship was granted to develop a tool to collect those data scattered across different journal websites. During the development, more than 20,000 DOIs have already been added to Wikidata.“

Language is a barrier for scientific dialogue

Bringing together European historical bibliographies

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Otto hat es nicht so mit der Landesgeschichte, sonst hätte er die Virtuelle Deutsche Landesbibliographie einbezogen:

Sie ist unendlich nützlicher als dieser Beta-Murks der BSB „DHB“. Anzahl der von mir aufgenommenen Publikationen: 13.

Fire at the University of Cape Town Library: Some valuable collections lost

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Female Expression in a 15th-Century Manuscript

„Dido’s story is one of dozens of stories about women in this new Getty Museum acquisition. […] The manuscript contains the translation into French by 15th-century poet Octovien de Saint-Gelais of five of twenty-one epistles originally written by the ancient Roman poet Ovid. It also includes three additional texts by Saint-Gelais that debate the qualities of an ideal woman, mainly beauty and virtue. […] The manuscript was made around 1493 for Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, shortly after her marriage to King Charles VIII in 1491 when she was just fourteen years old.“

Glossa: Five Years of Open Access Publishing

„The data appears to confirm that Glossa started strongly, has cemented its position within the community, and is now looking to continue the positive trends already being seen. The success of the journal over these last five years is confirmation that the open access model is good not only for end users but also for the whole ecosystem of journal publishing.“

Glossa charges APCs: