„Legally Binding“ exhibition now online

„A number of people have expressed interest in seeing images from the Yale Library’s current exhibition, „Legally Binding: Fine & Historic Bindings from the Yale Law Library.“ Images are now available in the „Legally Binding“ album on our Flickr site, at


For several of the books, there are images of both the front and rear covers. Clicking on an individual image brings up a downloadable image plus the text from the exhibit label. There is also a link to the „Legally Binding“ album in a recent post for the Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog…

… together with links to related resources, including „Bookbindings on Incunables: The Scott Husby Database at Princeton University Library,“ https://husby.princeton.edu/, which kindly gave permission to use its images of our books.“ (EXLIBRIS-L)


For an overseer of Roman prisons, ca. 1720

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