Den Bock zum Gärtner gemacht

Die traditionsreiche Girolamini-Bibliothek in Neapel wird von einem dubiosen Direktor mit Beziehungen zum Kunsthandel geleitet, der den Verlust von über 1500 Bänden beklagen musste. Gegen ihn richtet sich eine Petition:

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Update: Jennifer Lowe in EXLIBRIS 20.4.2012:

“There is a flurry of news in the Italian press on this case. From what I
can make out, the Girolamini Library has been seized/closed by the Naples
Public Prosecutor. Marino Massimo De Caro has been suspended and is being
investigated for embezzlement, and Minister Ornaghi has appointed Mauro
Giancaspro in his place. Some footage from surveillance cameras will be
examined to get to the bottom of the rumors of heavily laden vehicles
leaving the building. De Caro protests that the accusations against him
began when he recovered 28 stolen books from “a famous London auction
house” and began making inquiries into who had sold them the books.

Here are two recent articles from Corriere and La Stampa:

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  1. Update 19. Mai 2012 Martin Davis in Exlibris-L:

    “All the latest on the Girolamini scandal, including some newspaper articles dated today, can be followed at, a Rassegna Stampa of Patrimonio SOS, “A website for protection and conservation of Italian Cultural Heritage”. The state of play a month ago is set out in a Corriere dela Sera article translated into English at

    I have followed “Professor” M M de Caro’s career with interest since I found that he had spirited a Subiaco Lactantius (the first book printed in Italy with a date, 1465) out of the Vatican library in 2003, “by exchange”. He is the “Italian colleague” involved in the disgraceful remboitage of an Etymologicum magnum reported anonymously in the Book Collector, Spring 2006, 16-17. He seems to have upset a good many people.”

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