“Many Libraries: As the world’s books go online, we must resist centralization”

by Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger
in: technology review, May/June 2012

“Now is our chance to build an online library accessible to all. To equal the Boston Public Library or university libraries like those at Yale or Princeton, we need 10 million books. These could be acquired in four years for approximately $160 million. The DPLA, with its broad support, can help build this library system, or it could end up building an overly centralized library by using collective licensing systems like the Book Rights Registry. If we work together, we can achieve universal access to knowledge by building on the positive lessons of the Internet and World Wide Web.”


Brewster Kahle is the founder of the Internet Archive. Rick Prelinger is an archivist, writer, and filmmaker.

via Blog of Internet Archive:

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