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  1. Tell U.S. Science-book Publisher John Wiley & Sons to Stop Spying for the C.I.A. Tell U.S. Science-book Publisher John Wiley & Sons to Stop Spying for the C.I.A.

    Consumer trust can change suddenly and unrecoverable. Events can easy snowball out of control. What’s taken for granted can vanish in an instant: John Wiley & Sons lives by the publishing brand; John Wiley & Sons dies by the spy brand!

    To write my strange memoir about criminal secrets, I worked for eighteen months at John Wiley & Sons’ San Francisco archive, located in Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s [pwiley@wiley.com] office. During the act of arranging facts for John Wiley & Sons 200th anniversary book, I have actually uncovered an unexpected better story than the by-the-numbers retrospective of a publisher.

    After eighteen months of improvised and surprising interviews with Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, the quotes from him were a big pile of unorganized papers in a shoe-box containing only my hand-scribbled notes. As editor of Peter Booth Wiley’s oral pulp history I was not only participant in reconstructing and the artful arrangement of the conversations, its perverse drama of unwanted soap opera homo-sex (there was no DSK-button in his office) and the Chairman’s alcoholism, but also commentator to turn John Wiley & Sons’ ugly history into sophisticated literary journalism. I selectively report word by word what I had penciled down during the intimate ‘interviews’, in which he had a penchant for screaming at me.

    To better deal w/ Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s monologues I gave his words satirical interpretations and use the method of dramatizing and narrating by being as creative as I want to be! My character sketches and sarcastic undertones fall under the protection of the First Amendment. It’s a new kind of investigative journalism, where obsolete rules where thrown out and an intermediate standard for publishing was used. Why? The quotes from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley and the intrusive nature of what I am telling do not lend themselves to firm corroboration, although every single thing in my account is plausible. It is my, the investigative citizen journalists’ fundamental job to make what is true believable!

    John Wiley & Sons’ chairman Peter Booth Wiley meets the threshold for sexual harassment in California. Sexually filthy and violent Peter Booth Wiley had been a religiously inspired ‘sworn homosexual virgin’ who broke his promissory words and began the most provocative sexual harassment of Yours Truly, me, the pink employee who had been hired by Peter Booth Wiley as an archivist. Within a week of signing on to the so-called homosexual agenda, Peter Booth Wiley ran half naked, dick-in-hand, amok in the office.

    With the mind-set of a fifteen year old, Peter Booth Wiley struggled comically to get his soggy undergarments back on and began his startling monologues.

    The self-proclaimed “fifth and sixth” Wiley generations at John Wiley & Sons were hunting – unprecedented – for in-house employee dissidents at John Wiley & Sons’ NYC offices in the 1960s. The faux “fifth and sixth” Wiley generations performed illegal warrantless searches of employees’ homes and offices. “I secretly searched through offices; my daddy had a contractor monitor homes when necessary”. Daddy W. Bradford Wiley was blessed with social-Darwinist brutishness; yet he became paranoid about his stock grabbing critics among John Wiley & Sons employees.


    His lineage qualified Daddy W. Bradford Wiley more to get away with robbing widows and orphans and for feeding at the public trough than the executive suit at John Wiley & Sons. “My daddy’s branch of the family was so far removed from the line of inheritance [at John Wiley & Sons Inc.] that all he got was the name Wiley” said the privileged son of an unprivileged son while crossing and re-crossing his legs. Daddy Wiley’s attachment to the heirs of John Wiley & Sons was not ‘real’, theirs was not his blood; he was a model of semi-self-creation.

    With attention to detailed background checks and mining mountains of facts, this is also the story of Langley’s “Intelligence Outsourcing”, where anything goes. Under Allan Dulles, a group of career spies took control through bribery and subversion of fifty U.S. news organizations and a dozen publishing houses. At textbook publisher John Wiley & Sons they installed as Trojan horse namesake Daddy W. Bradford Wiley to run the C.I.A.–front publisher.

    With secrecy at the core of its spy strategy, the C.I.A. was open for business at publisher John Wiley & Sons.

    Daddy W. Bradford Wiley’s decision to flip over to the C.I.A. has changed the destinies of everyone at John Wiley & Sons. In the secret world of C.I.A. spies for hire, what is Daddy W. Bradford Wiley’s identity? Forgery? A double?

    Imposter/interloper Daddy W. Bradford Wiley invented his own genealogy; his strategy was to follow the C.I.A.’s trail of tax-payer money and he made a great fortune with it. Acting as a real ‘Wiley’, he set up a new chain of command to perform inherently U.S. government functions and installed top-level security contract spies [Orwellian knowledge engineers!!] at John Wiley & Sons for the purpose of stealing research – intellectual property – from John Wiley & Sons worldwide university clients; to gather information on local academicians, eavesdrop on them and putting the details to damaging use.

    John Wiley & Sons are the most damaging spies to university research around the globe in the past half century. The program took its beginning in the political climate of the escalating American war in Vietnam. By 2012 the U.S. has a national security industry of almost two thousand top-secret level C.I.A. contractors, traitorous John Wiley & Sons included.

    Since 9/11 C.I.A. contractor John Wiley & Sons does predatory things on overseas campuses that no branch of the U.S. government would be allowed to do! Chameleon Peter Booth Wiley sheds his camouflage: “We are forced to act as secret police in Saudi universities” he barked aggressively. Students in Arab countries are reduced by the chairman to demons. “We have to keep these rag-heads from falling into Jihad’s hands”. The Wiley Inc. Shadow Company conducts its crimes at Arab universities in the spirit of ‘mob vengeance’ against academics. “Arabs are incapable of democratic culture”. Where there is oppression by Americans, there will be resistance by students!

    Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s incendiary rhetoric about attacks on students and the destruction of property conveyed an atmosphere in which the American spies feel entitled to use unrestricted force against Arabs. “Our agents use arson as an intimidation tactic to deliver a political message”; the brutal Chairman went scorched earth! Lawless John Wiley & Sons’ blitzkrieg pyromaniacs are committing more than academic arson, leaving a smoldering trail in their wake. Are Arab students witnessing John Wiley & Sons’ thugs dashing off campus with singed eyebrows and hands, some of them still smelling like gasoline?

    Is nightmarish Chairman Peter Booth Wiley an arsonist bringing his own fire not under control?

    John Wiley & Sons agents are also in the market for ‘information operations’, the intelligence contractor’s art to convince overseas academicians via news Web sites to align their political view with U.S. interests. And if said foreign academicians might be terrorist suspects, John Wiley & Sons’ ‘knowledge engineers’ will get involved in their interrogation by slapping thick John Wiley & Sons ethics textbooks into their face. Textbooks, objects of learning, are transformed in the bloody hands of John Wiley & Sons into raw objects of torture to extract ‘full confessions’!

    John Wiley & Sons is one of the swords owned by the C.I.A. and displays typical fascist characteristics!

    The C.I.A. espionage unit within John Wiley & Sons is known for its media strategy to say “no comment” in three dozen languages. In order to stay in the spy-business and to protect Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s ill-gotten spy-money in a safe and untouchable offshore bank, C.I.A. espionage troopers such as corrupt John Wiley & Sons Inc. are NOT SUBJECT to America’s Freedom of Information Act FOIA. The C.I.A. will simply refuse to confirm or deny the existence of the John Wiley & Sons university spy records, just as the C.I.A. shields torture and kidnapping of terrorism suspects.

    An obscure 35-year-old judicial doctrine called Glomar allows the C.I.A. to block all congressional and public inquiries into John Wiley & Sons’ spy tools, the secret files, the budget, the number of cloak-and-dagger agents and the entire power structure of the John Wiley & Sons $hadow Company, a ‘valued asset’ for the C.I.A. and the recipient of a vast, green gusher of dollars from a cold blooded U.S. government with very special interests.

    Three quarters of the 2010 C.I.A. budget of $80 billions went to private contractors, who make up 30 percent of the C.I.A. workforce. The hidden spy networks run by private U.S. companies are an integral part of U.S. government covert operations. Private U.S. contract spies are protected by private U.S. security guards, making up a private U.S. underworld militia with secret flights and global reach.

    Rotten to the core Peter Booth Wiley is engaged in witch hunts against opponents. “We will wipe anybody off the campus-map who is threatening the global interests of the United States” is chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s imperial ambition. Remember: You are doomed if you don’t believe those who threaten to wipe you out. “My Daddy served his presidents on every continent” is chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s predator-nation mythology.

    Will academic book buyers shake an angry finger in the ugly American face? “Our overseas work took off during the Vietnam War when we began to watch students around the world who were opposed to the war”. Constant harassment belongs to right-wing activist Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s culture of fear.

    Inept John Wiley & Sons’ chairman Peter Booth Wiley maintains an absurdly high opinion of his own talents: “I consider myself one of the most gifted leaders the C.I.A. ever had” he said while rubbing energetically his cirrhotic liver. He probably couldn’t manage a flea-circus. Nevertheless, people who doubt his words can end up in secret C.I.A.-prisons or worse.

    Criminalize spying at universities, arrest Peter Booth Wiley for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity!

    Through perversion of power, U.S. academic book publisher John Wiley & Sons spies on its own employees w/ C.I.A. methods; Wiley Inc. board of directors’ blatantly covers up the corporate misconduct of spy merchant cum science publisher John Wiley & Sons!

    The criminal versatile John Wiley & Sons publishing empire is violating the right to privacy in the workplace under U.S. Constitution’s 4th Amendment as well as Chinese and EU privacy laws.

    John Wiley & Sons (SOPA, PIPA and ACTA shark) commits felonies by secretly listening on employee conversations at the workplace. John Wiley & Sons culture is a fang-out, snoop-snoop-snoop and mobbing culture. This nightmare is aided and abetted by Chairman Peter Booth Wiley and his entourage, who engage vulnerable employees in the literary equivalent of trench warfare. Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s banality of evil creates a ridiculous public-relations disaster for him and will have ruinous consequences for untrustworthy John Wiley & Sons.

    John Wiley & Sons treats his national and international subsidiaries like sweatshops. The once unimaginable magnitude of information John Wiley & Sons has available about each of its employees for discriminatory practices is enough to create digital Doppelgangers of their employees.

    Short of a stop-and-frisk-program, arrogant Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s blanket surveillance treats law-abiding employees as suspects. He is inflicting intolerable misery upon all John Wiley & Sons employees’ by bullying and harassing them with secretly obtained information. His cruelty is embedded in America’s working environment and the violent U.S. society as a whole.

    Secret surveillance is the message of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s printing-press.

    Private spy companies such as SPOKEO, FACTUAL and STRATFOR, so-called data-specialists, are identifying every fact and rumor in the world of an employee, to find patterns in employees for John Wiley & Sons to observe and to exploit. The intrusive frisking by underground contract spies, all John Wiley & Sons’ men, involves soul-theft and the surveillance of:

    Employee’s home life;
    Bedroom snooping includes sexual preferences, deviations deemed ’unhealthy’ by John Wiley & Sons puritans, divorces and if female employees had or were seeking an abortion;
    Political activities as civil rights activists; socialist political leanings;
    Race surveillance of Muslim and Arab employees;
    Fingerprints from overseas employees;
    Friends, enemies or any failings;
    Bank accounts;
    Pressing needs for money;
    Email contents;
    The entire job history;
    In which year employees bought (or lost) a house;
    Computer communications such as what employees do on social networks and what they talk about;
    When and where they exercise;
    What books or magazines employees read;
    What brand of coffee they drink and dieting habits;
    If employees ever declared bankruptcy;
    Traffic tickets and how many cars their employees have;
    If taking pills for recreational purposes lead to criminal activity of employees;
    Medical records indicating a depression or addiction history of employees;
    Public library records.

    As the ultimate expression of corporate power, fascist John Wiley & Sons spies obsessively in the name of the Patriot Act on its employees!

    After stealing the secrets of its employees, John Wiley & Sons predictive analytics team makes sense of the demographic data to figure out how John Wiley & Sons employees might think and behave and how its employees can be urged to hate themselves and how John Wiley & Sons can hire and fire or demote and promote its employees.

    In America, trade unions engaged in the protection of employee rights are considered as un-American. What’s more, John Wiley & Sons represses its employee’s effort to organize. But American corporations have the right under the First Amendment to express their political point of view just like people. John Wiley & Sons major points of view are to be loyal above all to America’s global interest; indifference to its employees and exclusively devoted to produce wealth for its shareholders, regardless of social consequences. So what kind of people are John Wiley & Sons? Psychopaths!

    Chairman Peter Booth Wiley subscribes 100 percent to the theory that all John Wiley & Sons’ employees are putting him in imminent physical danger: “I have this information put together as soon as we acquire a new company” he told in raw language. “…That’s in violation of the privacy laws but improves our security…” the compulsive talker was blurting out as answer to my questions about mega monster John Wiley & Sons mismanaging new acquisitions and breaking the law.

    The moral anarchy of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley is that he shoots first, and then says: It looked like he had a gun! With his security badge and gun, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley can and will shoot anyone by whom he feels threatened.

    Seeing its trustworthiness rating downgraded into junk territory, John Wiley & Sons snooping is in line with IKEA’s snooping on its employees in France.

    There are no laws in the U.S. to tell employees what information John Wiley & Sons has bought about them – and the Espionazis at John Wiley & Sons have no shame using the flood tide of spy-data.

    That is what Chairman Peter Booth Wiley called John Wiley & Sons’ “world order” – befitting for the publishing Hitlers of America!

    According to Chairman-third-rate Peter Booth Wiley, the level of distrust between John Wiley & Sons’ employees and John Wiley & Sons’ shareholders, board of directors and management has become so corrosive that it is becoming openly antagonistic.

    John Wiley & Sons is also accused of improper use of the C.I.A. espionage services against its business competitors. “We collect massive intelligence on our competitors” with improper methods, I may add. The competitors of John Wiley & Sons were just waiting for corrupted Wiley Inc. to screw up. But it remains questionable whether U.S. competitors of John Wiley & Sons will have any credibility left after John Wiley & Sons’ espionage at universities is known far and wide.

    Daddy Wiley’s provenance was New Jersey, where he had grown up in a rural two-room house with concrete walls and an outdoor latrine shared with a trailer-park next door – in a ghetto of white poverty pathology. But power-hungry ‘Jackpot Daddy’ would expertly and efficiently enriched himself in Glimmerglass New York City with twenty percent of John Wiley & Sons shares, which he grabbed [with a little help from Uncle Sam] from legitimate John Wiley & Sons Inc. shareholders. These were Daddy P.W.T. [Poor White Trash] Wiley’s high-times of cream and dumplings, bamboozling and stealthy expanding his power – while shamelessly breaking wind.

    Crime pays fabulously in America!

    This mundane reality explains why reckless and ruthless ‘Daddy Wiley’, before his forced retirement, was beggaring the career chances of John Wiley & Sons’ key employees with fat dossiers. “Our employee monitoring system pays instant results up to this day were we use more sophisticated methods”. John Wiley & Sons has become a human-rights crushing industrial publishing machine, smearing opponents and silencing dissenters.

    With serious educational deficits, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley and his low-IQ siblings are not the cream of educated society. Peter Booth Wiley had a disposition for being ‘out of the labor force’, and the best low-skill service job he ever a got on his own was as a ‘less-than-full-time’ taxi driver. The Wiley siblings’ stupidity is not staged. Daddy Wiley, who cursed his sons with all the profanity known by him, had explicitly forbidden his two sons to work at John Wiley & Sons!

    Due to intemperance running amok in his family, Taxi-driver, Inheritor, Chairman, Spy Peter Booth Wiley is used to being kicked in the shins.

    One of his siblings [the “fourth of three siblings”] is a degenerated idiot and was kicked out from college, because failure for him is not only an option but a habit. Do Nothings and Know Nothings Bradford Wiley II is unable to compose a comprehensible sentence. Befitting for a lunatic member on the very, very sick board of directors at John Wiley & Sons, Bradford Wiley II writing skills are at the low end of public-school curriculum; his trembling hand produces scores of misspellings – unless, for example, he signs with an X.

    Feebleminded childless sibling/director Bradford Wiley II was eligible for America’s Eugenic Board involuntary sterilization program, where genetic engineering was applied between the years 1933 [when Hitler came to power in Germany; he abdicated w/ a bullet to the head in 1945] and 1977. ‘Daddy Wiley’ had measured the shape of his son’s ‘low-top head, very broad from side to side’, and so became the family sociopath Bradford Wiley II from a family of sociopaths a candidate for America’s ‘Human Betterment League’. Wealthy businessmen such as ‘Daddy Wiley’ financed the ‘Human Betterment’ eugenics program and 70 percent of the inhumane sterilizations took place after 1945.

    Each time one opens a textbook from the perverted crime cartel John Wiley & Sons, one can hear the old creak of the U.S. eugenics internment camp gates.

    The other two fertile Wiley brother/sister academic Wunderkinder [the Chairman suffers from nocturnal emissions] of rather low mentality [the I.Q. of Deborah Wiley’s son reverses discredited I.Q. hereditarianism] were left unfairly behind by “rising academic standards” and graduated only because of the generous donations made by their “Daddy”. In short, they are all blissfully detached from academic standards.

    In fact, the Wiley siblings are so demented they cannot figure out how in the world they got to be six hundred million dollars worth. How rich is intellectual dead-ender Peter Booth Wiley? In the c.o.c.k.-fighting circles of California’s Anderson Valley, where the landed c.o.c.k.-man finds entertainment, blood-sport lover Peter Booth Wiley can afford to bet money for animal blood, for crying out loud.

    John Wiley & Sons’ corporate social responsibility is written with animal blood and for its Chairman Peter Booth Wiley dollars mean more than to the meanest w.h.o.r.e. He is craving for ever more money with the eyes of a herring on ice and submits even fake travel-expense bills. And if he could just dress properly, he would not wear pimp suits and fasten his French cuffs with safety pins.

    The intruder Wiley clan, who placed their loyalties with the C.I.A., is now entrenched at John Wiley & Sons’ board of directors, but John Wiley & Sons’ employees around the world can affect – how to put it – the quality of stay for the “sixth” Wiley generation at John Wiley & Sons.

    If you don’t look closely you might confuse one name with the other, perhaps even confuse the role-playing Wiley with the other real Wiley. The Wiley country-bums [Bootleggers for Generations] from a bad place in New Jersey were namesakes to the New Yorker publishing family Wiley [Knowledge for Generations].

    According to straw-man Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, the reason why the bootlegger Wiley clan was able to grab & keep control of the publisher John Wiley & Sons lies in the bootlegger family’s “small gene pool”. Or shall we say the bootlegger Wiley clan is the unlucky winner in the genetic lottery for an extremely “small gene pool”? Certainly there is a moral leprosy built into the DNA of the bootlegger Wiley clan. Although the Chairman never mentioned incest for the “small gene pool” of his bootlegger clan, he didn’t rule it out!

    No greater fools ever came, and two generations of bootlegger Wiley imbeciles masquerading as publishing heirs on John Wiley & Sons’ board of directors are enough to leave Wiley Inc. with a big disgusting credibility gap.

    Get lost, you parasitic Bling-Bling idiots!

    But that is not all: “My ancestors were British royals” said the uncrowned king of role-players and pointed to some drawings of ‘royals’ on the walls of his San Francisco home. The aging paranoid Chairman wants out of his inferior criminal underclass identity. What he wants is a fake entrée into aristocracy and piggyback on royals. Or did Chairman Peter Booth Wiley mistake his bootlegger family tree with the restroom doors in Disneyland royally marked ‘Prince‘ and ‘Princess‘?

    The unmasked Wiley country bums originated from old convict stock which England threw into America in the 17th century.

    There you have it, the hush-hush Wiley family skeleton: the profane bootlegger Wiley clan is inventor of their own publishing & royal genealogy.

    Chairman-wannabe-royal Peter Booth Wiley was dragged up by rude, unpleasant, psychopathic parents of criminal origins – so let’s just say faux royals! Peter Booth Wiley might be as p.e.r.v.e.r.s.e as some British royals, but this is as far as royal British relations go. Maybe Peter Booth Wiley, the pinstriped effluence from an ex-bootlegger family, had a royal s.y.p.h.i.l.i.s? Signaling the depth of his longings for a blue-blooded ancestry, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, who smelled vaguely fishy [although he is using fart spray for deodorant], scratched his from blue h.e.m.o.r.r.h.o.i.d.s ridden royal rear end with a long sigh of relief again and again and again!

    Anyone can be blue blooded in un-exceptional America.

    That’s America’s exceptionalism!

    Book readers, call for vengeance, and use the power of negative branding, use the power of an online petition and the power of your wallet. Take the gloves off, stop the use of Wiley textbooks in the class room and bring down the snoop-snoop-snoop perpetrators at John Wiley & Sons.

    Run amok and throw a monkey-wrench with ballistic ferocity into their Gutenberg press.

    Bring me the scalp of C.I.A. contractor John Wiley & Sons!

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