Letter from Mr. Christopher Davidson, Director of the State of Georgia Archives


Thank you for all of the work you and those who worked with you put forth for the petition and other efforts that resulted in publicity of the budget crises the Archives faced and continues to face. It was the publicity and pressure that resulted in us getting enough funding to keep from closing. I know you did not do it for me personally but for the people of the state. As the chief steward of the Archives of Georgia I thank you on behalf of the people of Georgia. We are responsible for protecting these treasures for the people and for providing access to them. The results of your work helped to make accessibility more likely.

As you know, we are still operating with the same duties and responsibilities as last year, but with over $600,000 less. If not for you and others working to support us, it would be worse. We will continue to look for ways to make the Archives more efficient, ways to increase funding, and ways to better fulfill our responsibilities. Your continued support of the Archives will help us.

Christopher M. Davidson, J.D.
Georgia Archives”


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