The Delicate Art of Dealing With Your Archivist

„In my roughly three decades of experience working in archives, I think it is fair to say we can break archivists down by this basic taxonomy:

The mensch: This is the archivist we all desire, the researcher’s dream — the person who knows the collection’s material well enough to truly help you, and trusts you enough to let you lead. […]

The snob: The snob is the polar opposite of the mensch. This is the archivist who is determined to make you feel like a troglodyte unworthy of visiting „his“ archive. […]

The distractor: By nature, the distractor is a bubbly extrovert. Much as she might love your project, what she’s really here for is your company until she gets back home to her five cats. […]

The mooch: The mooch is a special blend of snob and distractor. This is the archivist intent on turning you into his „researcher with benefits.“ […]

The heiress: The heiress would be perfectly happy if nobody ever came. […]

The bureaucrat: While often perfectly efficient with your requests for the next box in the series, this fellow is not worth trying to excite with a thrilling find.“

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