Historical Archive of the City of Cologne: Please sign the petition against the planning stop

The 2009 Cologne Archives collapse was a disaster for historians.

“[I]n 2009, after an architectural competition, a decision on a new
archive building was made. It was planned to accommodate not only the
archive institution itself but also the Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek,
a renowned art and museum library, and the Rheinische Bildarchiv, a
collection of photographs on the history of art, architecture, culture
and photography in Cologne. The plan was to build the “safest and
state-of-the-art city archive in Europe“ by 2017. After the decision
of the city council, a detailed concept was worked out and approved.
In the light of the city’s financial crisis, in 2013 the local
political discussion moved towards re-thinking the decision and even
to a planning moratorium. Protests of the local supporting groups as
well as national archive organizations followed.”

Please join the friends of the Archives and German archivists by
signing a petition against the planning stop:

(nearly 1000 supporters until now)

Please choose “Sprache auswählen” at the right for an English version.

Thank you for signing and forwarding!

Dr Klaus Graf, RWTH Aachen archivist


Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

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