Soft Launch – National Virtual Library of India (NVLI Portal)

Zugegeben, dieses Video

vermittelt mehr einen Eindruck vom Launch als Informationen, aber in ein paar Monaten ist es so weit, dann soll die einstweilen erst einem handverlesenen Publikum präsentierte, ansonsten noch zugeknöpfte National Virtual Library of India (NVLI)

frei zugänglich sein. Sie

will be an online platform covering tens and hundreds of fields, ranging from arts, music, dance, culture, theatre, science and technology to education, archaeology, literature, museums, cartography maps, e-papers and manuscripts, among others. …

Once formally launched, this could be one of the world’s largest virtual libraries where information on such diverse subjects are available. Currently, Australia operates a similar facility named Treasure Trove. …

Dinesh Katre, senior director and head at C-DAC’s Human-Centred Design and Computing Group: “We have nearly 40 institutions which will share their data in whatever available formats. It will be reviewed by a team of experts before it is classified into categories. …

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was aiding an initiative of the Ministry of Culture under the National Mission of Libraries by way of creating a catalogue of libraries across India which apart from books includes artefacts and other resources from libraries, museums, archives, among others, and all this would be done using an open source platform, Koha, making its access, free of cost and which will develop reading habits among people across the country.

Einige technische Daten zum Projekt:

Autor: Ingrid Strauch

Diplom-Bibliothekarin, Herausgeberin der VAB - Virtuellen Allgemeinbibliothek.

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