Library Chatbots in the US

“Thank you for your question to the Law Library of Congress, specifically regarding whether we are aware of other library chatbots like the one located on our Facebook page.

The Law Library of Congress has not collected the information you seek. However, based on a non-exhaustive review of a few of our article databases (focusing on articles published in the last four years), there are at least a few chatbot-type programs currently in use by other U.S. libraries, educational institutions, and governmental agencies, including:

ANTswers, University of California-Irvine Libraries – (more info:
Pixel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries – (more info:
Tommy Bot, University of Southern California –
Emma, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – (more info:

To find more resources regarding chatbot use in libraries, educational institutions, and governmental agencies, we suggest searching article databases in library and information science (a sample list of the databases the Library of Congress subscribes to can be found here:, computer science (sample list of databases:, arts and humanities (sample list of databases:, and/or social sciences (sample list of databases: for keywords of your choosing.

We hope you find this information to be helpful, and wish you luck with your research.

Public Services Division
Law Library of Congress
Library of Congress”

Very helpful answer!

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