How U of Toronto Press treats its authors

LIBLICENSE-L has an interesting discussion on the “Journal of Scholarly Publishing – October 2017” Toll Access issue about Open Access. Excerpts:

“Journal of Scholarly Publishing
Vol. 49, No. 1, October 2017
JSP Online:

Special Issue on Open Access

Marguerite Avery, Alex Holzman, Robert Brown

The co-editors of the Journal of Scholarly Publishing introduce the second special issue of their tenure. This issue on open access publishing was undertaken with the assistance of guest co-editor Marguerite Avery.”

“I have always loved the irony of a work devoted to open access, be it a special issue of a journal, or an anthology, that is locked behind pay walls.” (Jean-Claude Guédon)

“I thought this was a JSP issue that was supposed to be open. At least, that was the claim back when the call for papers was issued and people asked that question. Guess I was mistaken.” (Claudia Holland)

“I think Claudia Holland is right.

On March 15, 2017, Laura Groenhuijzen and I asked, “Could you please confirm that the 12 month embargo period will be waived for this issue, and no publication fee will be charged?”

The next day their response was, “Yes, you are correct in believing that the embargo period is waived for the special issue and that we charge no article-processing fee for publication.”” (Leo Waaijers)

“It appears that the authors can make their papers Green OA immediately, rather than the usual 12 month embargo, but that’s it:” (David Groenewegen)

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