USA, Federal Depository Library: Freier Zugang zu Regierungsveröffentlichungen in Gefahr?

Die anstehende „Modernisierung“ des 44 US Code, Chapter 19, Depository Library Program ( könnte, so fürchtet die Free Government Information (FGI), auf Änderungen hinauslaufen, die
will weaken and diminish the role of libraries, promote the fragile model of centralizing control of government information with GPO [Government Publishing Office], entrench GPO’s long-term efforts to replace FDLP with short-term ‚partners,‘ and make it easier to discard and destroy the FDLP Historic Collections

Chapter 19 sei „the only legal guarantee that the government will provide its information for free to the General Public


Das GPO hat die Federal Depository Library aufgefordert, bis zum 31. August Vorschläge für Änderungen des Chapter 19 einzureichen, „that provide depository libraries more flexibility

Es geht wohl insbesondere, um
problems including a lack of staffing, funding, and space. Some of these could be alleviated, or at least reduced, by switching to digital holdings. Title 44 contains requirements that these libraries continue to hold print publications, even though many of these publications are available in digital format“,
so Lisa Peet im Library Journal:

Die FGI hat eine Petition gestartet:
Protect the public right to govt information: help preserve and expand Title 44

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