Etwa 4000 Mikrofilme vatikanischer Handschriften online

Mehr dazu in mehreren Beiträgen von Herrn Piggin:

“In an extraordinary change of policy, the Vatican Library appears to have given up its emphasis on digitally color-scanning its manuscripts for online release. Instead it is following the cheap and cheerful option of posting images of its old black-and-white microfilm online. This explains how, just after noon on January 23, 2017, it was able in one fell swoop to post images of nearly 4,000 new manuscripts.

The manuscripts portal, now boasts links to an impressive 10,338 manuscripts, probably making it from this date the biggest single online library in the the world of medieval and early modern hand-penned books.

However the retrograde step to low quality is disappointing.”


Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

3 Gedanken zu „Etwa 4000 Mikrofilme vatikanischer Handschriften online“

  1. My remarks about this should not be taken to mean that the 4,000 manuscripts will not be scanned in color. There was later an assurance from @DigitaVaticana this week on Twitter that proper scans will be done, and that the black and white versions are just a temporary solution to the pressure from scholars to at least see “something” of the Vatican treasures. With 80,000 items to digitize and fewer than 7,000 completed, the task ahead remains enormous and will be a matter of many years. As far as I can understand, digitizing microfilm is relatively cheap and quick, and there are good arguments for taking this “American” approach, instead of being ultra-perfect and slow.

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