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Secrecy and Society

is an international, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed open access journal that analyzes, critiques, and evaluates dimensions of secrecy in society. The journal explores secrecy as the intentional or nonintentional concealment of information at the intersections of theory,  definition, language, praxis, and culture. Secrecy and Society also reports affiliations with censorship, confidentiality, privacy, surveillance, and forms of secrecy in the human-built and natural  worlds.

Ein Ziel ist: Establishing a distinct field of knowledge characterized as Secrecy Studies.

Secrecy and Society is an interdisciplinary journal that encourages scholarship on the problem of secrecy as either the intentional or nonintentional concealment of information. We acknowledge that ‘‘secrecy is a property of information’’ (Scheppele 1988, 12) as well as recognize the critical importance of the ‘‘professional secret, confessional secret, military secret/political secret, the secret police, the secret in novels, etc., all the semantics of the secret’’ (Derrida & Ferraris 2001, 75).

Secrecy and Society also peers into the ‘‘secrecy process,’’ described by Tefft (1980, 37) as the ‘‘tensions and/or conflicts between the secret holder (holders) and outsiders that necessitate concealment.’’ As secrecy conceals “potentially embarrassing disclosures, forbidden acts, illegality, inefficiency, evasion of responsibility, and corruption” (Simmel 1950), the secrecy process is of “potential value in examining practices and rituals of secret societies (Tefft 1992, 181), and those groups and organizations that rely on the secrecy worker.

Autor: Ingrid Strauch

Diplom-Bibliothekarin, Herausgeberin der VAB - Virtuellen Allgemeinbibliothek.

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