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In Medtext-L wird das traurige Schicksal dieses alten Internetangebots beklagt.

„ORB was hosted at the College of Staten Island (CSI), a unit of the City University of New York, and administered by Kathryn Talarico. Unfortunately, after Prof. Talarico’s death, CSI seems to have pulled the plug on the orphaned site.

There were some offers made to investigate having it sponsored by some other institution, but nothing seems to have happened so far. It would be a great pity if its riches were lost. It’s a lesson, too, about the fragility of web-based resources and the need for adequate administrative protocols to avoid their destruction at the flick of a switch.“ (Paul Chandler)

Ob die Kopie im Internet Archive vollständig ist?

Update: Kompletter Spiegel:

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