Ein Crowdsourcing-Projekt widmet sich Einträgen von Lesern und Leserinnen des 19. Jahrhunderts in Bibliotheksbücher:

„Those traces of long-gone readers live on, preserved in the books themselves, in the stacks of the University of Virginia’s Alderman Library. The volumes aren’t housed in the library’s special collections but in the regular stacks, where they’re free to circulate—or to be discarded someday. Like countless other 19th-century volumes in libraries across the country, they enjoy no special protection.

That worries Andrew M. Stauffer, an associate professor of English at Virginia. Mr. Stauffer is leading a new crowdsourced project, Book Traces. It’s designed to call greater attention to the existence of such books and to the readers’ histories they contain by asking people to upload examples they come across in library collections.“

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