Augment and share your digital codices with DocExplore

„DocExplore is a free open source software suite enabling the easy creation of interactive digital books suitable for the promotion of heritage collections.

It’s easy to use:
1.Import the pages of your book
2.Add text, images, sound and video to parts of the pages
3.View it on your computer or put it online on your website

More information, demonstrations and downloads at

DocExplore is the result of an academic project, initiated by computer science laboratories LITIS (University of Rouen, France) and EDA (University of Kent, U.K.) in 2009, funded by the Interreg IVa program. It received contributions from historians, librarians and archivists of the GRHIS (University of Rouen), the Rouen Public Libraries, CMEMS (University of Kent) and the Archives of the Canterbury Cathedral.“ (dm-l)


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