LIS open access declaration

“We believe that open access to all scholarly research is a public good. In accordance with statements in support of open access including the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation, we affirm that the products of our scholarship in any form should be made openly accessible as a means to support a more sustainable and inclusive system of scholarship and to reduce information inequality.

As library and information professionals with an ethical standpoint of ‘access for all’ we believe that our profession must live up to its ideals and principles of accessibility and information sharing. The scholarly communication process has moved too far from these ideals and we feel that it is now time to affirm our support for open scholarship.

Therefore, we the undersigned, pledge to make ALL OF OUR WORK open access wherever possible. This may include: placing versions of our work in institutional and disciplinary repositories, publishing in open access journals, refusing to perform editorial or refereeing work for closed access journals, retaining copyright to our work, and licensing our work for broad and expansive re-use using Creative Commons licenses (with a preference for CC-BY wherever possible).”

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