Warum Archivieren? Fragt eine Arbeitsgruppe Archive von Occupy Wall Street (OWS), New York City

“Why archive?” and other important questions asked by occupiers
Autoren: Siân Evans; Anna L. Perricci; Amy Roberts.

Widmet sich lt. Abstract den folgenden Fragen:

What is an archive? Is there a difference between art and archives?,
What are you collecting?, Who will have access to what you are collecting?,
Where is this stuff going to be kept?,
Are you trying to collect all the archives produced in the movement?,
Why collect this? and Why not this?,
What do archivists do and why?,
Why should archives matter to people in the movement?

Nachtrag – Website der OWS-Archivgruppe: http://owsarchives.wordpress.com

Es handelt sich um einen von 20 Beiträgen in:
Informed agitation : library and information skills in social justice movements and beyond / Ed.: Melissa Morrone

Website zu dem Buch:

“In librarianship today, we encourage voices from our field to join
conversations in other disciplines as well as in the broader culture.
People who work in libraries and are sympathetic to, or directly
involved in, social justice struggles have long embodied this idea, as they make use of their skills in the service of those causes. From
movement archives to zine collections, international solidarity to
public library programming, oral histories to email lists, prisons to
protests —and beyond —this book is a look into the projects and pursuits of activist librarianship in the early 21st century.”

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