State Archive of Rome – IMAGO II Project

Online maps and images of early real property maps and other documents
of Rome. The Imago II Project in 1997-2000 scanned original documents in
the State Archive of Rome. Among the series available are: Alessandrino
Cadastre, Urban Roman Cadastre, a selection of the Gregoriano Cadastre
including the 600 most important towns of Papal State, the cartography
of the old rural Cadastre, Roman parchments, abstracts („regesti“). Also
includes alphabetic registers of roman notaries, ancient registers of
the Tesorerie provinciali, and some precious items as the illuminated
manuscript of Liber Regulae. 5,000 digital color images of maps and
manuscripts, 25,000 of ancient maps and parchments, 100,000 greyscale
images cadastre and notarial registers. Images in jpeg format have been
masterized in about 500 CD-R while copies of images, in a MrSID format,
are on the website. Most explanatory pages in Italian. Requires one-time
free and simple registration.

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