Bibliotheek- en Archiefgids – Summaries

Standardization in records management / Stephanie Waeyenbergh.
//In: Bibliotheek- en Archiefgids. – ISSN 0772-7003. – 80(2004)2; p. 10-17.
Standardization in records management is a recent phenomenon, which is the result of automation in public administration and service. Standards aim to assure the quality of records and records management in organizations, for which purpose an attempt is made to cover the entire field of records management. ISO 15489 supports the elaboration of records management policy and procedures in organizations. Specifications for records management applications define the functional requirements for software. Metadata standards define which information about the context, content, structure and management of records should be captured and preserved. Several trends in standardization can be discerned: firstly, attunement of the different initiatives, secondly, a coordinating role for ISO 15489 and other, new ISO standards, thirdly, development of standards for the private sector.
[Article in Dutch]

Archiving websites / Hilde Vanoverbeke.
//In: Bibliotheek- en Archiefgids. – ISSN 0772-7003. – 80(2004)2; p. 24-29.
Based on the study of literature, the article illustrates how web archiving initiatives are functioning and which problems remain to be solved. It dwells on the importance of archiving websites and goes into some major characteristics of the web: the existence of the deep web and its huge size. Three strategies exist for collecting web sources, each with pros and cons: automatic harvesting, selective approach and deposit. The first web archiving initiatives are presented, besides items such as user access, preservation and the development of standards that receive attention in the last two years.
[Article in Dutch]


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