Digital Medievalist

New List for Medievalists Working with Digital Media

<> is a new mailing list intended for medievalists working
with digital media. The purpose of the list is to provide a collegial
form for the exchange of practical expertise in the production of
digital projects. The list accepts members with all levels of expertise.
This is the place to discover new techniques and approaches and help
influence the development of our field. While the list is aimed
primarily at scholars working in what we might call „the long middle
ages“ (defined very broadly as extending from late antiquity through the
early renaissance), many problems discussed will be of interest to
scholars working in other periods.

<> is moderated by the editorial board of the Digital
Medievalist Project: Peter Baker (Virginia), Martin Foys (Hood College),
Murray McGillivray (Calgary), Daniel O¹Donnell (Lethbridge), Roberto
Rosselli del Turco (Turin), and Elizabeth Solopova (Oxford). It is the
first stage in the development of this Project, which, upon completion,
will form a web-based „Community of Practice.“ The two remaining core
parts of the Digital Medievalist Project, a refereed on-line journal and
community resource centre will be launched this Fall. An outline of the
project goals can be found at the Project web site

Subscription to <> is free, and open to all interested
parties. Subscription information is available at . To avoid spam,
subscribers must be approved; there are no minimum requirements other
than interest, however.

-Dan O’Donnell

Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

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