TOC J Soc Archivists 2005/1

Journal of the Society of Archivists

ISSN 0037-9816

Publisher: Carfax Publishing, part of the Taylor & Francis Group
Volume 26, Issue 1, April 2005

Diplomatic Attitudes: From Mabillon to Metadata
pp. 1-24(24)
Author: Williams, Caroline

Understanding Users and Use: A Market Segmentation Approach
pp. 25-53(29)
Author: Yeo, Geoffrey

On the Crest of a Wave or Swimming Against the Tide? Professional Education in an Information-conscious Society1
pp. 55-73(19)
Author: Procter, Margaret

Developing Archival Context Standards for Functions in the Higher Education Sector1
pp. 75-85(11)
Author: Peters, Victoria

Postcards from Scapa Flow: Developing a Conservation Strategy for Material Recovered from SMS Karlsruhe
pp. 87-104(18)
Author: Clydesdale, Amanda

Genocidal Archives: The African Context—Genocide in Rwanda
pp. 105-121(17)
Authors: Adami, Tom; Hunt, Martha

Anthony Peter Munford (1944 – 2004)
pp. 123-126(4)
Author: Barber, Brian

Kathleen Margaret Topping (1952 – 2002)
pp. 127-129(3)
Authors: Yates, Nigel; Cresswell, Alison

‘Something is Happening Here and You Don’t Know What it is’: Jacques Derrida Unplugged
pp. 131-142(12)
Author: Harris, Verne

pp. 143-187(45)

Notices of New Publications Received
pp. 189-191(3)

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