Time of archival science

Agustín Vivas Moreno: El tiempo de la archivística: un estudio de
sus espacios de racionalidad histórica


English Abstract:

The main objective of this proposal is to build up baselines for a Cultural
History of Archival Science. For this purpose, it is based on a seminal
axis: the formulation of several “historic rationality spaces” which have
conformed the history of the fi eld. It can be said that a rationality space
is a well determined and characterized combination of forces which
conform a system based on some historic homogeneity and whose
model can be established. So, the conception is that there are four great
historic rationality spaces in archival development: Archival science as
an inductive and functional instrument, Archival science as patrimonial
and legal-administrative fi eld, Archival science as a historiographic
development and speculative theory, and Archival science in knowledge
society. Its vagaries would be specifi ed through the extension of archival
science scope, its scientifi c expansion, its insertion in Information
Science fi eld, determination of archives as information systems, and
technological determinism. In methodological development of our
proposal, it is specifi ed the interoperation among several sociocultural
forces, which have formed, in their historic course, the different
understanding archival science history spaces. In consequence, we infer
as a main result that understanding spaces are basic for comprehension
of archival science cultural history, a ground-breaking concept.

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