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Main Title : The Irish society for archives
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Alternative Title : Cumann cartlannaíochta éireann
Description : This is the website of the Irish Society for Archives (ISA), which was founded in 1970 ‘to promote the place of archives in Irish society.’ Its links page is indispensable as a hub for archives in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

The website is maintained by the Archives Department of University College Dublin. The links page is divided into four sections, one each for: ‘Statutory and Professional Bodies’; ‘Irish Archives Services’; ‘Northern Ireland’; and ‘Museums’. The second section, on Irish Archives Services, is further divided into four subsections: ‘Universities’; ‘Manuscript Libraries’; ‘Public Records/Local Studies’; and ‘Specialist Repositories’. Besides the links page, the website offers an online newsletter, a page dedicated to the ISA’s journal (articles not online), and membership and contact details.
Language : English

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  1. Dear Mr.Graf !
    I am a big Statistiker of former penalties and need your help. In 1936.10.17 Eire won with 5:2 against Germany in Dublin. Tom Davies scored with a Penalty against Hans Jakob. And from this penalty I need the photo. Will that be possibel to you to send me a copy via Email?
    Yours sincerely and a heardly hello from Hamburg Klaus.

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