Spanien: Salamanca papers

Civil War archive conflict worsens

“The Salamanca municipal government has refused to allow the trucks which were supposed to transport the 507 boxes of documents from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) from Salamanca to Catalonia. Culture minister Carmen Calvo had announced that the transfer of the documents would take place on Thursday. The documents are claimed to have belonged to the wartime Catalan regional government, and Catalan nationalists have demanded that they be removed from the Civil War archive in Salamanca and taken to Barcelona. The Zapatero administration agreed to make the transfer, which has been opposed by the PP. Many Spaniards unsympathetic to the Catalan nationalists oppose as a matter of course anything the nationalists want. The situation has only worsened as the conflict has lengthened.”

The Spain Herald 19. Januar 2006

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