Loss of Karlsruhe manuscripts

English information on the case


Rebecca LR Garber:

This came from our medieval colleagues in Germany. I have included the
original post, which includes the article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung,
because I can not find an English reference to this atrocity on the net.

In summary:
The house of Baden in Germany has fallen on hard times, and has decided
that, in order to pay for renovations to the family castle in Salem,
that they will sell a number of paintings, coins, and manuscripts to
raise 70 million Euros.

The manuscripts are currently housed in the Badische Landesbibliothek
in Karlsruhe, where they have been available to scholars, and are
considered part of the European cultural heritage. The director of the
collection found out *in the public press* that his collection was to
be sold piecemeal to the highest bidder.

There is some debate as to who actually owns the collection, the family
or the state of Baden-Württemberg. This is keeping the lawyers busy,
but may not keep the manuscripts safe.

Among the manuscripts at risk:
The Book of Hours belonging to Christoph 1 of Baden, and the prayer
book of Susanna von Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach. This collection also
includes the manuscripts from religious houses secularized in 1803,
including the collection from Reichenau, which includes mss from the 11thC.

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Message from Bettina Wagner

Message from Bettina Wagner

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