Quellensicherung zur “Globalisierungsbewegung”

Die IALHI News vermelden die englischsprachige Buchneuerscheinung “Past and Future of the Anti-globalization Movement“, in dem es, wenn mich jetzt mein Schulenglisch nicht völlig verlässt, neben der Beforschung, auch um die Sicherung der Quellen dieser weltweiten Bewegung geht. Klingt interessant.

“Anti-globalism” usually refers to a number of social movements that resist the worldwide processes of so-called “globalization”. Their protests concern the neoliberal economic reforms and the serious social, cultural and ecological impact on the lives of millions of individuals, most often but not exclusively in the South. The protest actions against the 1999 Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organisation are generally considered as the starting point of this new social movement. However, it is rooted in other social movements such as those working for the third world or for the environment.
Though it is a recent phenomenon, social sciences have already paid serious research attention to the movement. This book brings together a number of contributions that aim to survey the research on the anti-globalization movement. The book has as its central topic the anti-globalization movement and covers issues such as the records of the movement, surveys of scientific research on the movement and the strategic views from within the movement on their own past, present and future. Topics covered:

  • How and where to find historical documentation on the movement
    A survey of the history of the movement
    A social analysis of the movement
    The key topics of the movement in a wider philosophical context
    Viewpoints of actors in the movement, i.e. Oxfam, the World
    Social Forum, the radical left and the European and international trade union movement.

a m s a b – i s g
Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
Institute of Social History
Institut d’histoire sociale
Bagattenstraat 174, 9000 Gent (Belgium)
T +32 9 224 00 79
Lamorinierestraat 233, 2000 Antwerpen (Belgium)
T +32 3 239 42 87

Francine Mestrum & Donald Weber (eds.):
Inside Outside: Past and Future of the Anti-globalization Movement.
Ghent: IALHI / Amsab-ISH / Foundation Kreveld, 2006, 110 p. ISBN 90-77122-20-6.
Price: 10 euro (plus shipping fee) – order at orders(aet)http://amsab.be

Quelle: http://www.ialhi.org/news/i0609_8.php

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