Google Library Project Expands to Spain

The Universidad Complutense Madrid ( has become the first library in continental Europe and in a non-English speaking country to join the 2-year-old Google Book Search program. With 3 million volumes, the Complutense Library is the second largest in Spain, following only the National Library. This addition will greatly expand Google Book Search’s Spanish language holdings, but the library also has holdings in French, German, Latin, Italian, and English, writes Susanne Bjørner at

Though significant, the Complutense project is not the first large digitization project to make Spanish literature freely available. The article mentions the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes ( but the following list can demonstrate that Spanish Rare book libraries are in Europe the leaders of mass digitizations of old books.

Digital Libraries of Rare Books in Spain

Updated version of the EXLIBRIS message

The following link collection (without comments) is dedicated to the Public Domain

Please note that most of the Digital Libraries contain a lot of early modern latin works (partly listed in Dana Sutton’s Neolatin Bibliography )

Directory of Resources
See also

Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes
Many latin works, including incunabula (Gutenberg bible!)
Collection Biblioteca de Catalunya:

Biskaia’s Provincial Library
Large (2000+ books)! E.g. 30+ incunabula
See also (in German)

Biblioteca Complutense Madrid*spi~S4/e?SEARCH=biblioteca+digital (list of works)
2500 titles, mainly history of medicine, including 100+ incunabula

Biblioteca virtual de Andalucia
Including 100+ incunabula from Andalusian libraries
See (German)

University Library Sevilla (list of works)
55 works mostly incunabula
See now the new page:
270+ incunabula, ca. 180 XVIth century books and more
German comment:

Sevilla Law Library: Pixelegis
84 (March 2004: 30+, March 2005: 130+, March 2006: 360+) works, a few latin works, the other mostly in Spanish. No incunabula.

Sevilla: Biblioteca Digital de la Biblioteca de las Facultades de Filología etc.
50+, all Spanish

University Library Valencia
Very Large! 170+ incunabula
Warning: The server is down since several weeks (Sept. 2004)
Update (Oct. 2004): Works can be viewed again but it seems difficult to locate them in the catalog (filtering with “Biblioteca Digital” doesn’t work).
March 2006: not available
See now:
July 2006: available again at
See also*spi/X?t:(*)&searchscope=6&Da=&Db=&SORT=D

Biblioteca Valenciana BIVALDI
Mostly books of local interest – free registration required! A few incunabula.

University Library Granada
(list not complete)
March 2005: The items are not available since months.
January 2006: Thanks to Nikolaus Jaspert the books can be seen again
Please note that the list above is not complete, you have to use also the OPAC of the Fondo Antiguo at*spi~S2
Now with 100+ (?) incunabula, see e.g. the following search*spi/gIBE+4164/gibe+4164/-26,-1,0,B/browse
According to
4300 books in 2005
See also (in Spanish)

Spanish National Library
302 (Mar 2006; 11 Mar 2004: 234) books before 1830, many in Latin.

University Murcia: Biblioteca Digital Floridablanca
Some latin saec. XVI

“Fundación San Millán de la Cogolla”
212 books, a few incunabula
See the German comment

Fundación Sancho el Sabio
38 early modern titles in latin, no incunabula, but mss.
See the German comment

Digital Library of Galicia
Including some latin works
Note that you need a specific TIFF-viewer

BIVIDA: Laws of Aragon
Large (1800+ works)! Including latin works since saec. 16

University Library Barcelona – Fons Grewe
40+ Cookbooks (saec. 16-18) in European languages

Literatura Emblemática Hispánica
See the German comment

Royal Botanical Garden Madrid
Mostly saec. 19

Yuste Digital
20+ books (saec. XVI/XVIII), some latin

Spanish books incl. incunabula

Castilla La Mancha
3 Spanish books before 1800

Catálogo y Biblioteca Digital de Relaciones de Sucesos (siglos XVI-XVIII)
Some digitized copies (too small!) from the Biblioteca Xeral de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spanish

UA Biblioteca de derecho
3 books, one German

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