Unfruitful Initiative: Open Content Alliance

New members have joined the OCA, one can read in Peter Suber’s OA News. The whole thing is very disappointing: The OCA website http://www.opencontentalliance.org/index.html is absolutely outdated (the “News” are from 2005), there is no link to the content demo at http://www.openlibrary.org and so on.

The leaders of the OCA are apparently unable to delegate: It would be a simple thing to set up a weblog (with weekly news) to remain permanently in contact with the people who are friends of the OCA. (It’s not the only frustration with B. Kahle: we are waiting years for the UNIVERSAL REPOSITORY announced by Peter Suber – Suber and Kahle seems to have no time for this urgent need of the OA community.)

Google is adding thousands of books monthly to his Book Search index – there is nothing which one can view at the OCA’s “Open library”. I have no hope that the announced October 2006 event would be the BIG-BANG. At
one can count only 4300+ books from the “American libraries” collection (i.e. the OCA participants) – a very poor result for nearly a year digitizing work.

My sympathy is with the OCA and its idea of free content but I begin to understand the UCA decision to make the devil’s pact with Google.

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