Praise of bloggers

From Peter Suber’s Open Access-Newsletter 2007 January


In 2006, for the first time, I discovered more useful new peer-reviewed literature by searching blogs than by searching journal tables of contents or general indices. Bloggers are very good at finding new articles, often because they are the authors or colleagues of the author. And unlike other discoverers of new articles, bloggers tend to share what they’ve found. There are more bloggers than ever before, including more academic bloggers than ever before. Bloggers are early birds because they’re willing to cover preprints and conference presentations. But they can even scoop journals in announcing published articles because so many journals take inexplicably long to publicize their own work. (Have you noticed that many journals publish a new issue on Day 0, update the online table of contents on Day 2, send out the email or RSS alert on Day 4?) Blogs are better connected to one another and to search engines than journals or even repositories. And for most people, running a couple of blog searches is much easier than running a dozen vertical searches at separate sites. For all these reasons blogs are becoming the Vehicle of First Exposure for a growing body of new research –if not the net’s very first notice of a new article, then its first widely noticed notice.

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