An international databank „in the making”

PhotoLit is a freely accessable databank which aims to list photographic literature published since 1839 . It is NOT a list to order books from. At present (October 2006) PhotoLit lists ca. 32.500 entries (c. 55 MB) of books, periodicals and periodical articles which have – in a wider or more narrow sense – to do with photography in all its artistic, visual and technical aspects. The stock listed so far is only a small part of the world’s existent photographic literature – but titles are constantly added to. And we ask your assistance to make PhotoLit more complete.

As PhotoLit has been founded in Germany it yet reflects listings which are predominantly German or English language based. An internationalisation is definitely aimed for. In spite of its present language-based handicaps (see below) PhotoLit already offers sometimes remarkably interesting research results if used creatively.

The basics for PhotoLit consists of the then-8000+ titles of a private collection, that of Rolf H. Krauss in Stuttgart. Individual hints, the contents of other private libraries, of information supplied by specialized bookshops, from bibliographies, from the net – and much else – have been added since. Though the general aim is to include as much data from public collections as possible this has proved difficult due to the fact that a transfer of electronic data also needs data formating which is often too much of a demand on PhotoLit’s limited personell and technical resources.

(…) Users who want to add their own titles have now two choices: Start out from your own PhotoLit CD, or enter a title right here. The latter will then be transferred to PhotoLit at some later date.

In both cases you are asked to choose a short personalized abbreviation for your own personal book – e.g. John Miller London = JML – which is to be entered in the field “collection.

PhotoLit is maintained since 2002 by Hans Christian Adam, Photo Design Books and etmk

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