Full-text Open Access stimulates a net increase in sales


Polimetrica, a publisher of OA monographs, has released an Open Access Manifesto, March 12, 2007. Excerpt:

Polimetrica Publisher works from a simple premise: that for a better future of the people it’s possible to disseminate the knowledge by publishing innovative books freely accessible to anyone in the world who might be interested.

Informed by that premise, we’re trying to build a new model of scientific publishing that embraces economic self-subsistence, openness, and fairness; the model is based on the following elements:

1. each scientific book is published in two editions: a printed edition, available in the market, and an electronic edition, freely available through the web; both editions are identified by a different ISBN code.
2. each scientific book is edited in collaboration with universities or with authoritative professors or specialists.
3. the printed edition is distributed on the international market.
4. the electronic edition is free access through the Polimetrica web site.
5. Polimetrica pays to the author or to the academic institution on all sales of the printed edition a 10% royalty of the net receipts.
6. each scientific publication is funded by a contribution of 1.500 Euros about.
7. anyone interested in our activities is encouraged to buy a membership; the members will have access to special conditions. Additional information [is available here]….

Comment. Kudos to Polimetrica and especially to Giovanni Sica, its CEO. There’s enough evidence now that full-text OA stimulates a net increase in sales, at least for monographs (not necessarily for books of useful snippets like encyclopedias or cookbooks), that I expect to see more monograph publishers follow the lead of the National Academies Press and Polimetrica and commit themselves to OA. Publishers who don’t believe that the economics will work for them should experiment –as the American Association of University Presses (AAUP) recommended just last month.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Academies_Press

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