Dispersal of a Benedictine Library


Sur la dispersion de la bibliothèque bénédictine de Fécamp
Partie 1 : identification des principales vagues de démembrement des fonds

On the dispersal of the Benedictine library at Fécamp
Part 1 : identifying the main stages of the collection carve-up


Abstract : As with many abbeys, La Trinité at Fécamp witnessed a significant carve-up of its books between the 16th and 18th centuries. Part of the loss has been thoroughly investigated – many books are to be found today in the Rouen and Le Havre municipal libraries, in the Archives départementales de la Seine-Maritime, in the Bibliothèque nationale de France and in the Fécamp museums. However less is known of other losses. This discussion focussing on medieval manuscripts in Latin points to the likely dissemination throughout Europe of membra disiecta and fragments inserted in inauthentic volumes, especially in the libraries at the Vatican, Bern, Leyden, Berlin and Paris. Other Norman abbeys, looted by the Huguenots in 1562 and 1563, went through a similar process of dispersal.

On the dispersal of the Fleury books see

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